Intro to STOTT Pilates® on Reformer

If you have no prior experience with Pilates or need a serious refresher, this is the beginner class for you. Throughout the series, you will learn the basic principles of STOTT Pilates® which are key to performing the exercises safely and effectively. As you move through the six-class program, you will learn the STOTT Pilates® Essential Repertoire on the reformer.  Springs, pulleys, and the levers of the reformer machine assist or provide more challenge to your workout. With only 4 or 5 people in the class, you will garner close attention from the instructor to ensure proper form and alignment. This class runs in a 6-class series, usually one class per week. Click on the WORKSHOPS tab to see the dates for our next series and to sign up. NOTE: Grip bottom socks are required for these classes. Exercises are broad level so those with injuries or specific physical conditioning goals should seek out private or semi-private lessons. Classes run as a series and consistent attendance is the key to success. Missed classes are discouraged and are forfeited. Please choose the series with aligns with your schedule to ensure attendance.


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