Men’s Reformer

Ready for some BRO-lates? Develop your strength, endurance, balance and flexibility during a Pilates Reformer class designed for dudes. Back in the day, Joseph Pilates trained professional boxers; agents at Scotland Yard; Olympic athletes; and Hollywood actors. Your Pilates training will become your secret weapon for whatever comes your way. Whether you’re a powerlifter, preparing for your first marathon, or just a guy looking to get in shape and change your posture, Pilates can fine-tune your performance and redefine strength. Reformer training will improve your golf swing, your form in the weight room, sculpt your abs and loosen your tight shoulders and hips. Men are welcome in all classes, but this class is designed with men’s specific needs in mind.

The Reformer’s sliding carriage, straps and springs allow for a distinctive workout at any level. Virtually all of the exercises are performed using the resistance of the springs to emphasize balanced muscle development while increasing stability and flexibility and improving balance. The cost of the 6-week series (when offered) is $125

Open to all levels. Understanding of functional exercise movements helpful. 1:1 Private sessions are available in advance of (or in addition to) the series but not required. Grip socks are required for all Reformer classes.

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