Myofascial Release Self-Treatment Workshop

Join Doctor Megan Ciccolo, Physical Therapist specializing in John F. Barnes myofascial release, to discover the missing link in keeping your body healthy. In order to fully open your mind, body, and spirit, you need to open your fascia. You may be asking yourself, “What is my fascia and why do I need to open it?” Fascia is the connective tissue system which creates a continuous three-dimensional web of support throughout the body. Over time restrictions develop causing the tissue to solidify. This causes impairments such as changes in posture, decreased flexibility, and/or pain. By opening the fascia, you will experience more freedom of movement, prevent injuries, and maximize your athletic potential. In this workshop you will learn myofascial release self-treatment techniques using small balls. This course was designed to be an introduction to the principles of fascia and self-treatment techniques. Each participant will take home two myofascial release self-treatment balls in order to incorporate this new knowledge into a home practice. For more information on fascia, visit Megan’s website at www.restrictions-released.com. Price of this 120-minute workshop with take home is $45 in advance; $50 day of and $36 for Monthly pass holders.  Please wear comfortable, workout-type clothing. Bring a water bottle as well as a notepad and pen if you’d like to take notes.  Please check for scheduled dates under our WORKSHOPS tab.

Megan Ciccolo is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. She has been practicing Physical Therapy since 2002 and Myofascial Therapy since 2006. After experiencing a serious knee injury in high school, Megan decided to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. She received her Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University in 2002 and later continued her education at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions where she earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Megan worked in a variety of Physical Therapy settings but became frustrated by the limitations of traditional healthcare. After being exposed to Myofascial Release as taught by John F. Barnes, she realized this was the missing piece in healthcare.

In 2006 Megan began studying with the internationally recognized and leading authority on Myofascial Release, John F. Barnes, PT. She continues to take classes regularly to enhance her skills and is at the advanced level of her training. After developing many layers of fascial restrictions from pregnancy and the birth of her two children, Megan has first hand knowledge of the profound benefits of this work. She is enthusiastic to share her knowledge of the fascial system to empower her patients to take back control of their own health. She is passionate about teaching patients how to release their own fascia allowing for an active, pain free life.

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