Springtime Yoga

According to traditional Chinese medicine, spring is the season of wood energy. Like the new sprouts that push through thawed earth, we emerge from the sleepy, lethargic, winter months with a surge of rising energy and a clear vision, ready for a new cycle of beginnings. The warmer temperatures together with the wind and the rain help to prepare the earth for rebirth while we desire to spring clean. Spring cleaning your home helps to remove stagnate germs and dust and allows energy to move more freely through your living space. Similarly, a yoga practice designed to spring clean your body helps to detoxify and reinvigorate your organs, tissues, and state of mind. Asana focus will be on sun salutations, forward bends, back bends, and twists. Join Jessica for an 8-week yoga series designed to align with the rising energy of springtime. This is a level 2 yoga series, requiring Intro to Yoga experience and is only offered in the spring.

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