VinYin Yoga

This class combines a vinyasa style practice with the cooling properties of Yin Yoga. Students can expect the first half of the class to be vinyasa in style, with traditional sun and moon salutations. A vinyasa style practice connects breath and movement and prepares the body and mind for a slower, more passive practice like Yin Yoga. The second half of the class will be a yin style class. Yin Yoga targets the deeper layers of fascia (connective tissue) in the body to improve joint flexibility, regulate energy flow and promote healing and relaxation. The challenge in Yin Yoga is holding the postures for several minutes at a time and staying present for the duration. This combination of vinyasa and yin styles of yoga, having yang and yin properties respectively, promotes balance for body, mind and spirit. This class is offered at intervals throughout the year so please check the schedule.

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