Yoga for a Healthy Back

Back pain or discomfort can be caused by poor posture, injury, repetitive motion or overuse.  Regular stretching with a focus on alignment and relaxation can prevent and relieve symptoms.  This six-week series is designed for all levels of yoga practitioners, including beginners, but will mainly be a gentle to moderate level yoga practice.  Whether you are currently experiencing back discomfort and/or just want to maintain a healthy spine through the practice of yoga, this series will help you focus on self-care and provide you with some easy routines to use at home.  This is a series. Please check our Workshops/Events for start dates when offered. Cost for the 6-week series is $80 for a 90-minute class. Drop in will be available if space allows.

Please Note: During this series (when offered/check schedule), you will be encouraged to approach the yoga practice as a form of self-care.  You will be guided to use deep fluid breaths to move from pose to pose.  If at any time you experience pain, a modification of the pose will be suggested, or you will be guided to decrease your range of motion.  If you have acute or chronic back pain, it is important to talk to your doctor before you start any new movement-based routine.

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