Yoga for a Healthy Pelvis

Did you know that 75% of back pain is related to pelvic floor muscle weakness? Also conditions like incontinence, cystitis, prostatitis, pelvic organ prolapse are directly related to weak pelvic floor muscles. Did you know that the pelvic floor has a synergistic relationship to the respiratory diaphragm and that poor posture can negatively impact breathing patterns and contribute to pelvic dysfunction? In this four week, introductory series we will develop awareness of the pelvic floor muscles and their synergistic relationship with the diaphragm through breath and movement. We will delve into our unique postural habits and learn how posture can contribute to breathing and pelvic floor dysfunction. And we will practice poses that gently balance flexibility and strength to improve posture and ease stress on the pelvic floor muscles. Yoga for a Healthy Pelvis is appropriate for men and women. This class is available when offered as a series.

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