This is a 4-week, thorough learning experience that will teach you everything you need to know about spinning. We will discuss RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) and discuss Heart Rate (a MYZONE heart monitor strap is desirable and will display in our studio – they are also available for our clients to purchase at the studio.) We will teach you the various types of rides and terrains as well as all hand positioning, ideal lower-body positioning, resistance, and cadence (RPM) training and anything you might expect in a regular group cycling class. Think of this class as the ultimate preparation to ensure that you are never confused again on your spin bike. Oh, and you will get a great workout every time!

NOTE: Cycling classes are located at Core Cycle, 299 West Main Street in the Romaines Plaza. For your safety, there is no admittance after 10 minutes of the class start time. Notify your instructor if you are a new rider. Please bring water and a towel into class. Pedals have toe straps that accommodate athletic footwear. Bikes must be reserved in advance.