High School Athletes – 6 Week Fitness Programs

High School Athletes 6 Week Fitness Program

Are you a high school athlete looking to improve your fitness and continue training during the off season? Join us for one or both of our upcoming series. Twice a week for six weeks, participants will engage in exercises targeting strength and stability to improve balance, coordination, and athletic performance. John Ledoux, a Division II strength and conditioning coach, will provide personalized coaching and guidance to each participant, ensuring proper technique and form to maximize progress and avoid injury. John has experience coaching college athletes in all sports, and he will be able to provide helpful insight for any up-and-coming athletes.  At the end of the program, participants can expect to see improvements in their strength, agility, speed, and endurance, which will translate into better performance in their chosen sport or activity. $149 for each session.

Session I May 23 – June 29th Tuesdays and Thursdays
(Pro-rating available if you want to sign up for remaining weeks – email Lisa)
7:30pm – 8:20pm Girls
8:30pm – 9:20pm Boys

Session II July 11th – August 17th Tuesdays and Thursdays
7:30pm – 8:20pm Girls
8:30pm – 9:20pm Boys


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