Emily, Instructor

Although a dancer in middle and high school, Emily began her true love affair with health and fitness as a freshman in college. She was quickly hooked on the principles, philosophies, and the results of Pilates. Emily earned her first teaching certifications for both Mat Pilates and Group Fitness in 2006 and began teaching Pilates and Boot Camp soon after. Her education and certifications have continued and now includes Pilates Mat II, Zumba, and most recently TRX®. Teaching varied level Mat and Barre classes, her appreciation for the classical aspects of Pilates has formed the foundation for all of her instruction. Her commitment to form combined with a creative style of coaching keeps Emily’s classes challenging and engaging for both newcomers and veterans alike – but most of all fun.

No matter which class Emily is teaching, her goal is to leave each client feeling the physical and mental benefits of time spent in the studio, be it through positive changes in body composition, strength, flexibility, energy or mindset or all of the above!

Emily realizes the mental benefits of attending classes from both sides of the fence. As a Program Manager for EMC, managing a global team of project managers, working out is essential. Whether it’s strengthening the body in TRX®, shimmying out tension in Zumba, aligning one’s body and mind in Reformer, or breathing out the day’s chaos in Yoga, studio time is a must. Hiding her stilettos from Rita when running in straight from the office has become a running joke amongst clients and instructors. Emily found The Core Connection in 2013 and was hooked on Rita, her team, and the studio and the rest is history!