Steady & Stronger for Goldeners (Ages 50-90)

Learn how to age dynamically in this 4-week (8 classes) series with simple and effective exercises to improve balance, strength, and mobility. We will teach you ways to improve your movement habits through simple postural adjustments and exercises designed to challenge your body gently. As we slowly introduce more movement into your life you will likely see improvement in the movement declines you associate with AGE but really the tightness, friction and pain is a product of your long term movement patters. Let’s dive into Katy Bowman’s Dynamic Aging book and work through the exercises and stretches together in a fun and responsive environment so that you can age gracefully and enjoy being as active as possible and continue to do the things you love! We will walk you through simple mobility tests and movements to practice. $149 for series (includes equipment). Mondays and Wednesdays at 12pm starts October 24th. Monthly members email lisa@thecoreconnection.com to be registered with the discount.Monthly members email  Click to register.

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