Get Started on the Pilates Reformer

Have you heard about the Pilates Reformer machine? This machine will work your entire body. It’s gentle yet so effective. We have a reformer studio in Northborough and in Westborough. To get ready for our regular small group classes you will need to take an intro series. We will be offer a fast track 4 week series if you have no prior experience on the Pilates Reformer, but are currently active and a 6 week series if you have no prior experience with Pilates Reformer, have not quite found time for exercising on a regular basis, or just prefer to take your time learning, this is the beginner class for you! Our 4 week series will take place on Fridays at 9am starting September 9th and our 6 week series will be Wednesdays 5pm starting September 14th.  To learn more about the Reformer and register for our next intro series click here.

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