A 50-minute class designed to challenge your body and mind. Be coached to the next level of fitness by experienced instructors who will take you on a ride designed to improve cardiovascular strength and endurance, while also improving muscular strength, speed, and endurance. Whether you are a seasoned on-road rider, a spinning enthusiast, or just starting your journey, our instructors will challenge you on endurance-based, interval and strength-based or race-day style rides that will reward you with a higher level of fitness and confidence. NOTE: Cycling classes are located at Core Cycle, 299 West Main Street in the Romaines Plaza. For your safety, there is no admittance after 10 minutes of the class start time. Notify your instructor if you are a new rider. Please bring water and a towel into class. Pedals have toe straps which accommodate athletic footwear. Bikes must be reserved in advance.