Life is hectic. We can help!

Let us help you slow down! Join us for a restorative, guided group meditation. This 2-hour experience is being held on Saturday, August 25th, from noon to 2 pm in our Core Connection Yoga Loft. The workshop includes a guided, healing meditation that allows for deep relaxation, increased focus, and improved self-awareness. This introspective experience will encourage you to release and let go of what does not serve you. What occurs next is a shift that gives way to positive transformation. About our guest instructor:  Stepping out for the first time ever, “The Heart Intuitive,” Clairsentient Healer Jonathan Teel is traveling across the US and parts of Canada offering powerful, guided meditations and timely healing to individuals & groups. Workshop fee is $45 in advance and there are only four spots available. Register here today!.

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