Sue, Instructor

Sue is a RYT 200 hr certified yoga instructor and lifelong yogi who has been teaching dance and fitness for 25 years, Her journey and life’s purpose has been centered around nutrition and fitness from the very start. […]

Sue has had a lifelong love for fitness, well being and nutrition. She is passionate about motivating and sharing her love of fitness. She is constantly seeking to grow and learn more and improve herself and her teaching abilities. She has a BS in Nutrition, is dance exercise certified instructor, has owned studios and a Jazzercise franchise. Sue has taught adults and young girls throughout her journey. She has taught fitness since she was in her 20’s and her passion has not faded for one beat. Sue is also a 200hr certified yoga instructor and continues to train and pursue more knowledge. She studied under Jacqui Bonwell in advanced teacher apprenticeship, studied Katie Bowman’s nutritious movement/just move, online with Sadi Nardini, and continual and numerous fitness/wellness workshops. Sue has a strong focus on making workouts accessible to everyone; knowing we all have injuries, different bodies and stages of health. The mindset being that we all have to continually renegotiate with what our body can do at that given time, challenge/work your body and equally honor it. Functional movement and awareness is what will make us stronger today and keep us functional in the long term. Sue has a massive passion for dance and music which she brings to her classes. Sue puts a strong emphasis on self love, mindfulness and passion. You will find thoughtful instruction, caring, fun music, laughs and an attitude of self nourishment and improvement. Sue delivers a nothing should be taken too seriously approach to her yoga. She wants everyone to feel carefully guided, have fun and just be. She feels classes should be like a beautiful tribe coming together to have fun and let go while getting stronger physically and mentally.