Not everyone benefits from the same type of workout.

Some people prefer to work out alone. Some are fine working out in groups as large as 50 people or more. Others need a personal trainer to motivate them.

For most people, though, small groups may be the best option. In small groups, instructors typically not only instruct and motivate, they also check your form to ensure that you’re working out properly. Good form is essential, because it can keep you from injuring yourself, while ensuring that you get the maximum return on the time you invest in working out.

And because there’s one instructor and many students, the cost of small groups is significantly less than the cost of a personal trainer.

Motivation and Socialization
Many people also enjoy working out with others. It can be motivating to be with people who are pushing themselves through a tough workout. If you see others do it, you may also be motivated to do it.

Group classes are typically designed by professionals and are taught by certified instructors. Classes are designed to provide a thorough workout that typically serves a specific purpose or covers every muscle group.

There are also social aspects to small groups. You typically get to know others in your group and may even become friends outside of the gym. You’ll find camaraderie exercising with other like-minded people, some of whom may have fitness goals similar to yours.

If you’re having difficulty motivating yourself to exercise regularly or if you just want a change from your current routine, give small group classes a try.

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