Rita Matraia, Owner

Rita is the founder of The Core Connection. She is a Certified Stott Pilates® Instructor and a Restorative Exercise Specialist certified through the Nutritious Movement Center. She holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship at Babson College and a B.S. and B.A from the University of Rhode Island. Rita achieved a degree in Language Arts at The University of Florence, Italy and views her experience abroad as one that has shaped her life and her ability to communicate with people of all cultures and all backgrounds.

Her business experience gives her first hand knowledge of the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working many hours. Her experience with proper body mechanics has enabled her to help clients change patterns that are causing pain and training them to reverse effects of long term issues. Rita loves the outdoors so when she is not working on the business, you can find her hiking, biking, walking or golfing and sees it as a bonus if she can drag anyone in her family with her! She thrives on seeing people stay active and in tuned with their bodies so that they can enjoy a full and healthy life.

How I found Pilates: Despite making time for challenging workouts and trying to stay as fit as possible, I was experiencing unexpected low back pain and tightness throughout my spine. I stumbled into Pilates almost by accident and as a last resort, but from the very beginning I knew it was the right activity for my issues. I became aware very quickly that although I looked and felt strong, my deep core muscles were weak and not providing the appropriate spinal support that I needed for my activity level. With Pilates, I began to work deeper to stabilize my spine. Because in Pilates we work from the inside out, we address weaknesses and strengthen in the appropriate order. Once you build the base of your stabilizing muscles, then you can more effectively strengthen your external muscles. My work continues with my clients with whom I share my knowledge about the importance of core strength, overall fitness, a sense of well being and a balanced life.